The Dangers Of The Road On Thanksgiving Weekend

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The day before Thanksgiving has been known as a popular party night that kicks off the holiday weekend. Many college students are coming home and adults know that there is no work the next day. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, from 2011-2015 records show that on average 74 people will be charged with a DUI. It has also been calculated that there is no other holiday as deadly as Thanksgiving weekend. The National Highway Traffic Administration stated that 483 people passed away in car crashes in 2016. 199 of those crashes were alcohol-related.  That is a total of 41 %.

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AAA has estimated that there will be 45.5 million people on the roads this Thanksgiving weekend. Each and every one of those lives is precious. Parents please enjoy adult beverages responsibility. Also, please let your children be aware of the dangers of being on the roadways this holiday weekend. Our team wishes your family a safe and joyful Thanksgiving.



  • Stay at a friend or family member's home. 
  • Get a safe ride home from an uber, taxi, friend or family member. 


Ashley Deneweth