3 Resources You Should Know About

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#1: Practicing The Permit Test Online-

DrivingOffice.com offers permit test questions online for each state. This site is a nice tool for teens who want to quiz themselves before taking the actual permit test at the DMV. 

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#2:The MN Highway Safety & Research Center-

The MN Highway Safety and Research Center provides a crash course avoidance class for teens. Your teen will learn what to do in weather related conditions, learn off road recovery, speed and skid control, reaction time limitations and so much more! The MN Highway Safety and Research Center is based in St. Cloud, but it is worth the drive. This class is an excellent add on to your driver's education training. 

#3: Auto Coach-

Auto Coach is an app that can be downloaded on your phone. This app great for parents to track drive time, their child's progress, and so much more! We are blown away by all the information that is presented in this app. Auto Coach also has lessons that parents and their children can complete together.


We love hearing from you: 
Do you have any resources that may help teen drivers and their parents?

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