•  Our instructors go through an extensive process to become licensed. All instructors must complete a series of testing, ride alongs, and background checks before becoming an instructor at our school. 

  • All of our employees are personally known by the owners. 
  •  We are a local business! Right Away Driving is not a corporate company. By choosing us you are supporting a small family owned business. 
  •  Behind the wheel pick up and drop off from home,work,school,activities in our service areas.

  •  The option of taking the driver's test in our car. 

  •  Low cost. Many payment plan options. Able to start on the 1st day of class for as low as $35.00 with a coupon! 

  • Able to make up class in other locations if needed.  

  •  We offer new classes every two weeks throughout the year.

  •  Students can flip-flop between class times. This creates convenience and flexibility for all. We do accommodate well to sports and other after school activities.We offer 2:40-5:40pm & 5:40-8:40pm classes in the school year. In the summer we offer 8:00-11:00am, 11:00-2:00pm & 5:00-8:00pm classes. Schedules are always subject to change.If there is a full day missed it is easy to make up. 

  •  Free paperback manuals. Students do not need to print or purchase one. The only reason a student would need to print or purchase a manual is if it is misplace by the student. 

  •  Golf cart and fun toys using beer goggles to show students what it is like to see under the influence. 

  •  Pizza Parties. In the summer we like to do donuts for our morning classes. 

  •  Students can put their name in a cash or gift card drawing! Winners are announced on the last day of class. Who doesn't want free stuff?! 
  • A safe, fun, and upbeat environment with passionate teachers. 

  •  We accommodate to all different learning styles whether it be visual, verbal, auditory, or hands-on. For example, checking under the hood, flash cards, Drivers Ed BINGO, videos, and much more. We also like to incorporate a healthy balance between individual and social interaction.


we hope to see you soon!